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Most water meters installed in the Greater Dublin Region are mechanical meters. If you have another meter type, please contact your Local Authority.

How to find your water meter

Most water meters are located in the footpath outside your premises.

If you want to read your meter, first you've got to open the lid. Do this by prizing the lid off with a screwdriver. It is important to replace the lid properly to ensure that the meter box remains watertight.

The meter box contains a plastic plug. This protects the meter from frost. Remove the plug if you wish to examine the meter. Don't forget to replace it when you are finished.

An automatic meter reading device is attached to your meter that transmits your reading by radio signal. It must not be removed. The digits may be viewed by lifting the flap on the top of the unit.

Your water bill has an 8 digit serial number. This is also stamped on your water meter under the reading digits.

How to read your water meter

All meters in the Dublin Region are metric meters.

They measure water volume in cubic metres (1 cubic metre = 1000 litres).

When water is used, the red dial will rotate. The red digits record litres.

The black digits record cubic metres.

You will be charged only for whole cubic meters used.

Please contact your Local Authority for further information regarding your water bill.

How do I turn off the water supply?

To turn off the water supply, rotate the blue lever anticlockwise for a quarter turn.