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Be a leaky tap detective
Don't run while brushing teeth
Use your head, use a bucket!
Don't let the tap run
Say no to the hose!

10 Tips to Save Water

  • Don't let the tap run

It's crazy to let the tap run just because you want a cold drink of water. Keep a jug in the fridge and enjoy a lovely cool glass whenever you want it.

Be a leaky tap detective

Leaky taps waste water so if you hear one in your house or school - tell someone - and
make sure it
gets fixed.

  • Don't run while brushing!

Did you know that a running tap uses 6 litres of water in a minute? Don't leave the tap running when brushing your teeth.

  • Spend less time washing

No, really! Spend less time in the shower. And avoid baths because they use more than twice the volume of water compared to a shower.

Use your head -
use a bucket

A running hose uses
500 litres of water
in an hour. Next
time you're
washing the family
car try using a
bucket and
sponge instead
of a hose. It'll be just as clean and more fun too.

  • Don't be mean if your clothes aren't clean!

A typical washing machine on full cycle uses up to 65 litres of water. It should only ever go on when it's full. Even if you have to wait sometimes for your favourite clothes to get washed you'll be helping to conserve water.

Say 'no'
to the hose

If you have to
water your plants
use a watering can.
You'll use less
water and it's
lots more
enjoyable too.

  • Use a basin to wash your fruit and vegetables

Instead of letting the tap run, use a basin to wash your fruit and vegetables. You can use the leftover water to give your potted plants a drink.

  • Don't abuse it - re-use it

If there's a basin in your sink (and there should be) don't spill it out when it's full - use it to water the plants in the garden. But don't forget to ask an adult first.

  • Spread the word

Tell everyone how important it is to save water - and how easy it is to do!